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Protocols in Rotary

 30 July 2019
 RMD Sinhagad Institute,Bangalore Mumbai Highway,Warje, Pune-411058
 PDG Vilas Jagtap
 To help Rotarians understand trends and practices in Rotary, its structure across the globe, its expectations from Rotarians and what Rotarians can expect from Rotary
 1. Meeting called to order & national anthem. 2. President welcomed all to the meeting 3. Secretary announcements a) Birthdays announcements b) Program meetings in August on 6, 20 & 24 August c) Business meeting on 13 August - session on WINS by District Director WINS, Rtn Ratnakar Bagul 4. Secretary updated the gathering on membership dues received so far and appealed the others to pay the dues in time. 5. President updated the gathering on payment of RI dues & district dues planned on 3 August 6. President updated the gathering on the District Monson Fellowship and the entertaining events there. He also appealed the gathering to attend Membership seminar on 25 August, Youth Seminar on 11 August & Admin seminar on 4 August 7. President updated the gathering on projects planned in August and need to be on toes in August so as to complete the impact making projects in time. President welcomed Chief Guest PDG Vilas Jagtap on the dias & introduc
Protocols in Rotary Protocols in Rotary
Protocols in Rotary